Early voting for the Breckenridge ISD school board, city sales tax and hospital district election will start Monday.
It will be a very busy few weeks for citizens of Stephens County and a lot of decisions will be made concerning the direction of our children, as well as our health care services.
I am pleading with citizens to educate themselves on the upcoming elections. Be aware of pros/cons and make an educated guess rather than make an “off the cuff” decision.
In the end, if you feel you are doing what's right for your family or your personal feelings, then in the end, one will be able to walk away feeling like they did their duty for their city and county.
Taking a look at the possible creation of a hospital district, Stephens Memorial Hospital has been a staple in Breckenridge since 1950. Many changes have taken place in the area of health care on a rural and national level.
Find out the facts before you make the decision whether or not you feel a hospital district is necessary.
Look at the BISD school board candidates and decide which one you feel will do our district good to move forward for the betterment of our children.
All I ask is to vote your conscience and then, when you lay down that pencil and slip that ballot into the box, be able to walk away feeling like you made an educated vote for the direction of our county. After all, there are no second chances.