By the time this hits the tables of some households, the Class of 2013 will have walked across the floor to receive their diplomas and will turn their focus on the next chapter of their lives.
Personally, I don't claim to have the answer to all problems, but I do know that I once was a graduate from high school and was itching at the chance to leave the city limits of Breckenridge, eager for my next journey through life.
I, to, like some from the Class of 2013, said I would never come back to Breckenridge. I was so ready to leave and have that freedom, away from parents and curfews.
Then, reality set in when school started and things got real.
Mom wasn't there to get me out of bed every morning. No one was there to hold everything over my head to make me study. Right then, it hit me that, maybe I really wasn't ready for all of this.
My advice to the Class of 2013 is to never be afraid to come back home and never be afraid to remember Breckenridge is your home.
The people that loved you when you left will love you a little more when you come back. Life has a way of coming full circle. When you're on your journey to cementing a few things in your life, never forget you are from Breckenridge.
Your life's experiences in this little town made you who you are and have prepared you for your next life journey.
There are only one of two schools with Buckaroo mascots in the state of Texas. But, there's only one that matters.


The Class of 2013: you are our future. Be bold, blaze your trail but don't ever forget where you come from. Good luck and Godspeed.