The Stephens County Sheriff's Department is pleased to announce the first ever Citizens Police Academy in Stephens County.
The academy is designed to give citizens an inside look into the Stephens County Sheriff's Department.
The classes include handouts, lectures and practical exercises. There are no physical requirements.
The Academy is 10 weeks long with classes from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. every Thursday night.
The classes will be held at the Stephens County Law Enforcement Center located at 210 East Dyer Street.
The Academy is limited to 15 participants. Participants are required to attend 80 percent of the classes to pass the Citizens Police Academy.
There is no charge for this Participants must fill out an application that can be obtained at the Sheriff's Department.
Applicants must be 21 years of age, not have any felony convictions. Applicants will be approved by the Sheriff or his designee.
The applications must be submitted by July 15. The Academy is scheduled to begin Aug. 15.
The mission of the Sheriff's Department is to use this academy to educate and inform the citizens of the functions of law enforcement in general and the workings of the Stephens County Sheriff's Department in particular.
Informing the citizens in regards to public safety and law enforcement issues will assist in creating a partnership with the community to create a safer environment to work and live within the county.
Participants will receive instruction in the History of Policing, U.S.


Constitution and Court System, Code of Criminal Procedure, the Texas Penal Code, Arrest Search and Seizure, Use of Force, Health and Safety Code, Patrol Procedures, Crime Scene Investigations, Probation and Jail System.
Although this training is similar to the training police officers receive when they attend a police academy, it is not designed to train citizens to be police officers.