All three elementary schools in Breckenridge have scheduled their respective ‘Meet The Teacher' night for   5 to 6 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 22.
• The North Elementary principal is Paul Lippe and the school is located at 300 W. 7th St. and is for second and third-grade students.
The ‘Meet The Teacher' night event gives parents and new second-grade students to North Elementary an opportunity to meet their new teacher and locate their new classroom before school begins Monday, Aug. 26. Also, for third-grade students to meet their new teacher.
For additional information, call North Elementary at 254-559-6511 or go to the school.
• The East Elementary principal is Molly Johnson and the school is located at 1310 E.
Glenda Knight, right, helps Milo Crowley as she signs up her fourth-grader at South Elementary.
Glenda Knight, right, helps Milo Crowley as she signs up her fourth-grader at South Elementary. (Rob Durham)
Elm St.
Students and parents will be able to meet their child's new teacher and visit their classroom.
Teachers also suggest that this is a good opportunity to bring their child's school supplies.
Additionally, the cafeteria will be selling lunch tickets for the students, which helps eliminate another thing that a new first-grader or pre-kindergarten studnet would have to contend with at the beginning of school.
For additional information, call East Elementary at 254-559-6531 or go by the campus of the school.
• South Elementary will have a slightly different approach for their event. They will host the “Meet the Teacher/Schedule Card' pickup night from 5 to 6 p.m. Thursday, Aug.22.
The school is located at 1001 W.


Elliott St. and the principal is Danny Freeman.
Teachers and staff announce that this is not the time to bring supplies. This is ‘ONLY' for “Meet the Teacher” and “Schedule Card Pickup.”
For additional information, call South Elementary at 254-559-6554. For information about the start of school for Breckenridge Junior High School, call the school at 254-559- 6581.
For additional information for Breckenridge High School, call 254-559-2231.