An online benefit for Vickie Howard is taking place at
Howard's family and friends are uniting to raise money to help with the financial needs of medical and traveling expenses.
Vickie is a lady all of us know and love. Vickie got up on Aug. 19 morning and couldn't stand up.
She went to the hospital here in Breckenridge had some tests run.
After two nights, she wasn't getting any better so she was lifted by air ambulance to Harris Methodist/Fort Worth Hospital where they ran more test. She was paralyzed in her legs, then she began to not be able to swallow.  They soon figured out she has West Nile Virus that brought on Guillain-Barre Syndrome that paralyzes your body. She is now paralyzed from the neck down. They had to put a tube down her nose to her stomach to feed her and put her on a ventilator for her breathing.
She is trying to get strength back in her arms and hands but it could take months or longer to get her back to her self again. She is currently in Hendrick Medical Center in the Anderson Wing.
If you have any questions on the Give Forward donations, contact Crystal Huffman at 254-246-5660 or 254-559-9089.