The Woodson Homecoming Parade winners were selected and special honors were chosen that included Mr. and Miss Woodson High School selections as Destiny Shahan and Tyler Brooks, Football Sweetheart and Hero, Amythist Jimenez and Stetson McPherson, and FFA Sweetheart and Beau, Kennedi Groote and Kolton Bellah.
The Future Farm Girl of America was named as Kennedy Thurmond, daughter of Brant and Meagan Thurmond. Brant drove the 2012 John Deere Tractor owned by Dennis Atkinson. Brant is the Sports Editor at the Breckenridge American in Breckenridge.
The American Flag was carried by Jason Anderson, who was selected as the Cowboy over 18. The Cowgirl over 18 was Janlyn Singleton Johnson.
Shawn O'Dell carried the Texas Flag, as the winner of the Cowboy under 18 and the Cowgirl under 18 was Brailey Atkinson.
Don Kramer won first place for his 1949 Chevrolet in the car entry and second place for his 1960 Chevrolet Impala.
The third place winner for car entries in the parade went to Kenneth Tankersley for his 1957 Chevrolet convertible.
Fire truck entries in the parade in addition to the Woodson VFD included Throckmorton VFD, Wayland VFD and the Murray VFD.
The different classes at Woodson ISD had floats representing their class  in the parade and included the kindergarten with Mrs. Jessica Stone and their theme title, ‘The Biggest Loser.' Their float carried out the theme of staying fit and healthy.


The first and second grade classes of Mrs. Bethany Overton and Mrs. Kim Miller combined their efforts and used the title, ‘Duck Dynasty,' with their “Happy, Happy, Happy” theme. Their float won second place.
The third-grade was led by Mrs. Donna Hardin and the “Swam People,” which depicted the popular TV show.
The fifth-grade class was led by Mr. Dale Bundy and chose as their float theme, “Deadliest Catch.”
The fourth-grade class was led by Mrs. Lester and took first place honors for their float, “American Hoggers,” which is based in Texas and depicts men and women hoggers pitted against each other.
The “Seventh-grade Dynasty,” led by Mr. Darren Smith, float had two seventh-grade girls in duck blinds awaiting the ducks to fly over.
The tenth-grade class contribution to the parade was aided by Coach Bobby Lankford and used the popular TV show, “Jersey Shore” for their theme.
The Woodson Homecoming Parade also featured the Six White Horses from Hardin Simmons University, located in Abilene.