All of the eligible voters of the City of Breckenridge and Breckenridge ISD may vote for all of the positions.
The last day to register to vote for the Saturday, May 10 General Election is Thursday, April 10.
To register to vote, you will need to go to the Stephens County Tax Office office and they will have the voter registration applications.
If you have lost your voter's registration card, you can call the Stephens County Tax Office at 254-559-2732 or 559-6513 and they will be happy to issue you a duplicate card.
If you have moved, you will need to go by the Stephens County Tax Office/Voter Registrar and fill out an address change form.
You will need your drivers license number, DPS Personal ID Card, or the last four digits of your social security number to make any of the above changes or to register to vote.