The Breckenridge Fine Arts Center will host a Three-Day Watercolor Workshop with a talented duo, Randy Meador and Sarah Graham.
The workshop is set for 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily Thursday-Saturday, Nov. 7-9.
Meador returns to the BFAC with all new, high energy and an unorthodox Watercolor Workshop. Meador demonstrates an entertaining presentation and returns with a new teaching partner Sarah Graham.
“We're very serious about breaking folks free to paint like their hair's on fire,” said Meador. “We want to break bad habits and help the painters to learn secrets most professionals don't know.”
The Watercolor Workshop is slated for a national tour but as a former resident of Breckenridge, Meador wanted to offer the workshop locally first.
“I learned to love the hues of the west right here,” said Meador. I may not have completely grownup in Breckenridge, but while I was here... I grew up.”
For a view of the supply list for the workshop, check the website at and check under ‘workshops.'
To register for the Three-Day Watercolor Workshop, call the BFAC Director, Victoria MacFairlane, at 254-559-6602 or email at or go by the BFAC at 207 N. Breckenridge Ave. and register in person.