The Breckenridge Public Library will host a unique program in three parts on Monday, June, 23.
Designated an American Masterpiece Touring Artist by the NEA, Elizabeth Ellis grew up in the Appalachian Mountains.
A children's librarian at Dallas Public Library before becoming a professional storyteller, the “Divine Miss E” is a versatile, riveting teller of Appalachian and Texas tales and stories of heroic American Women, though her personal stories are arguably her best. 
Invariably hilarious and poignant, she is a repeated favorite at the National Storytelling Festival.  She is a recipient of the John Henry Faulk Award from Tejas Storytelling Association and the Circle of Excellence Award from National Storytelling Network.  She has mesmerized nearly a million children in her thirty-year career as a professional storyteller.
Ellis is also well known for her workshops, which offer training for beginning and seasoned storytellers.  “Inviting the Wolf In: Thinking About Difficult Stories”, which she co-authored with Loren Niemi has been described by NAPRA Review as a great leap forward in the literature of how to put stories together with art and truth. It received a Storytelling World Award. 
Her current book “From Plot to Narrative” is a guidebook for meaningful story crafting and has won both a Storytelling World Award and an Anne Izard Storytellers Choice Award. Visit Ellis at for more details.


The first session on Monday will be at 10 a.m. with the emphasis on storytelling for pre-school children and parents.
The second session on Monday will be at  2 p. m. and is designed  for storytelling for the school age children and their parents.
The last session will be at 6  p.m. and will focus on storytelling for adults who are interested in storytelling and learning how to do a better job with their storytelling.
Seating for all three sessions will be limited so come about fifteen minutes early to be sure you get a seat.
Once the seats are full, no one will be admitted to any session because of fire codes. 
For information or more questions, call the Breckenridge Library at 254-559-5505.