When most people think of August, they think of going back to school. Not only is a new school year about to begin, but also the new 4-H year.
4-H has been a part of Stephens County for many years, and 4-H is the largest youth development organization in the nation. 4-H offers youth the opportunity to become community leaders through projects, community service and other educational activities.
In the past few months, there has been some great stuff happening for 4-H.
• The Stephens County Extension office has held Sewing Workshops;
• Quiz Bowl study sessions;
• Duds to Dazzle training ;
• A Day Camp to promote 4-H;
• Annual Rally Night.
Also, current 4-Hers have shown that hard work pays off by placing in the (1) Beef Quiz Bowl, (2) Range-Science, (3) Fashion Show, (4) Storyboard, (5) Duds to Dazzle, (6)Roundup, and other contests.
With the new 4-H year rolling around and a new Family and Consumer Sciences Agent in place, Christian Curtin, there are going to be some new and exciting things happening for Stephens County 4-H members.
Clover Kids will be forming again, which is focused on youths age five (for kindergarten) through second-grade. Clover Kids will be doing activities and projects on a smaller scale and will not be competing at contests.
The extension office will be holding workshops throughout the year such as Photography, Sewing, Public Speaking, and others to allow training and educational experiences in different projects.


There also will be some community service events like (1) Sewing wheelchair bags for the nursing home and (2)canned food drives.
This new 4-H year is going to be filled with fun and full of great learning opportunities.
Please contact FCS agent, Christian Curtin at the Stephens County Extension Office with any questions: 254-559-5513
What projects does 4-H offer?
4-H offers multiple projects, as well as leadership and community service opportunities. If you love taking pictures, cooking, fashion, shopping, animals, or have an educational topic you are passionate about then 4-H is the organization for you.
• When it comes to photography you can enter your pictures in the 4-H Photography contest.
• If you love fashion, then you have multiple outlets in the clothing and textile project such as Fashion Show, Fashion Story Board, or “Duds to Dazzles.”
• If you love to cook, then the Food and Nutrition project is for you, offering contests like Food challenge, Food Show, and Nutrition Quiz Bowl.
• If you have a passion for animals, we have: beef/cattle, poultry, rabbits, and sheep, horse, and swine projects.
• There also is a 4-H Roundup where you can sing, act, give an educational presentation, or compete in a Quiz Bowl or Consumer Decision-Making.
Who can be in 4-H?
• Youth ages eight and in the third-grade or nine years of age by Aug. 31, 2014.
• Youth that have not reached their 19th birthday on or before Aug. 31, 2014.  (There will be a $20 participation fee)
• Youth ages Kindergarten through Second-grade – will be eligible to be a Clover Kid. (No participation fee)
How do you register?
• Registration will open Aug. 15, 2014.
• Enrollment will be online via 4-H CONNECT on www.texas.4hOnline.com.
This is the same process for Clover Kids.
The 4-H year runs from Sept. 1 to Aug. 31, 2015.