The women of St. Andrew's Church are making plans for their fall Bible study, “Putting Amazing Back in Grace,” by Michael Horton.
The study will be led by Fr. DeWayne Adams, rector of St. Andrew's and will begin at 9 a.m. Monday, Sept. 8, with a nursery provided. Coffee will be served from 8:45 a.m. while the women gather for the study. St. Andre's is located at 200 N. Easton.
The study is directed to the people who attend the course to become more spiritually fit, and invite all women, regardless of denomination, or not affiliated with a particular one, to come join them.
According to esteemed theologian and author, J.I. Packer, “This book is a breathtaking workout for Protestant lay people with a prospect of new health and strength who stay the course” Packer continued by saying, “it is a tough, genial, and encouraging (as good trainers learn to be), Horton makes us pump intellectual iron as he puts us through the painful yet healthful discipline of relearning the Reformation's vital message of saving grace.
“As in current advertisements, fit folk tell how well-planned diet and exercise delivered them from a fat and flabby existence, so I predict there will soon be many testimonials about the strengthened grip on grace that Horton's lively, pummeling has brought to his readers.”