By jean hayworth

The Noon Day Lions Club of Breckenridge is growing quite steadily with an influx of new, younger members. An injection of youth was badly needed, with many of the local Lions Club members in their 60s, 70s and on into their 80s.
New Lion Club President Wes King is enthusiastic about the drive for new members and the guiding hand of the older members always present to lend a hand as he takes over the helm.
The new members which included Michael Roach, Sandy Broyles, Rachelle Walters, Barbara Tucker and Jaclyn Morehart, who were installed by the new District 2E-1 Governor Teresa Echols, a member of the Cisco Lions Club.
In addition to installing the newest members into the Lions Club, Echols injected a new brand of enthusiasm into the local Lions Club members who were present by recalling all the things that Lions are involved in on the different levels of Lions Club International membership.
Most Lions Clubs in this district and area are tremendously involved in the Lions Camp maintained at Kerrville. Each year, the local Lions try to find Breckenridge children who might qualify for the different camp weeks at the Lions Camp.
One of those sessions is for diabetic children, who learn to live with their diabetes but also learn new activities that they can participate in at the camp, while learning how to monitor their individual diabetes.


Counselors at the camp have been highly trained to work with the kids and  can often demonstrate first-hand how they individually handle their disorder, while maintaining a busy schedule.
Trained doctors and nurses also are on hand for any problems and their is a new clinic at the camp.
If their are any local families who might be interested in sending a child to the camp during that week or  other specially designed weeks for handicapped kids, contact any local Lions Club member.
Additionally, Echols challenged members to look for other ways to get the young people involved in a variety of  contests, such as the Peace Poster Contest, that the local Lions Club sponsors each year.
Information will be delivered to Kim Best at the Breckenridge Junior High next week. Young artists can begin to think of ideas to demonstrate peace in the world. 
There also is a photography contest tied to the environment and other opportunities that local Lions can offer to Breckenridge students.
Locally, the Lions Club sponsors the three-day Holiday Basketball Tournament during the Christmas holidays each year as a fundraiser toward scholarships, given locally each year.
The Lions Club contributes to the Feed The Lambs Program, which distributes 150 lunches to children in our community every day for a six week period, during the summer vacation.
The Lions are sponsoring a table at the upcoming Open Door Life Banquet.  They sell peanuts each year as another fundraiser toward scholarships.  Also, the local Lions periodically cleanup a section of the highway 183 South.
Another key program is the collection of glasses in the community and to help a child get glasses who might need them.
The organization also is involved in training seeing eye dogs.
Echols also awarded chevrons to two local Lions Club members: Gary Trammel for 30 years of service and James Shelton for 40 years of service.
There were two other members of the local Lions Club who have been recognized recently: Carroll Magers, with more than 50 years of service and the late Tom Ward, who had more than 60 years of service.