The Caddo Volunteer Fire Department is in the thick of a food drive involving all campuses in Breckenridge ISD.
The food drive, which was started in 2012, will see the Breckenridge High School students as the campus to beat after a final day push.
The canned goods donated in the food drive will all be donated to the Stephens County Food Bank, which is operated through the Stephens County Commissioners and Stephens County Judge.
“I know the food raised last year helped a lot of hungry families,” said Caddo VFD representative Christy Gray. “Just like last year, we will have a plaque for the school that can bring in the most food.
“Last year, there was strong competition between the campuses and I know it will be even stronger this year.”
The food drive is schedule to conclude Wednesday, Dec. 18 with pickup from campuses on Thursday, Dec. 19.