A winter storm blast made its way into the area late Thursday afternoon and flexed its muscles throughout the area.
City of Breckenridge crews began working on the roads late Thursday evening into the wee hours of the morning.
“We dealt with it as the storm came in,” city of Breckenridge Public Works Director Gabriel Rodriguez. “Our crews put de-icer out in places and small stone gravel on bridges and roads. We spent Thursday night and all night Friday putting out gravel on roads and, on top of that, we've had a few leaks in our water system. We've been trying to handle each call as it comes in and trying to get everything back to normal as safely as we can.
(Rob Durham)

Texas Department of Transportation crews were out grading roads and sanding bridges and overpasses on the major highways going through the county.
Breckenridge ISD closed its doors Friday but was open for business as usual Monday, despite frigid temperatures and leftover patchy ice.
Breckenridge Police Department Chief Larry Mahan said vehicle accidents were pretty minimal considering the conditions.
“We had 11 reported vehicle accidents in the county and four in the city,” he said. “We were pleased that our residents managed to stay off the roadways in those conditions.”