The Breckenridge Buckaroo athletic and academic teams are back in the familiar confines of Class 3A. However, it took the creation of a Class 6A to get them there.
The University Interscholastic League released conference cutoff numbers for the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 academic/athletic years.
The UIL created a Class 6A, which will feature schools with enrollments of more than 2,100 students.
Class 5A will cover 1,060-2,099; Class 4A will include 465-1,059; Class 3A is 220-464; Class 2A is 105-219; and Class 1A is 104.9 and below.
Breckenridge High School principal Bryan Dieterich said BHS turned in an enrollment of 374.
Classes 1A through 4A will split into Division I and Division II in the football seasons for the next two years.
Class 1A Division I will be 55-104.9 and Class 1A Division II will be 54 and below. Six-man classes will now be recognized as Class A.
Class 2A Division I will be 158-219, while Class 2A Division II will be 105-157.
Class 3A Division I will feature schools with enrollments from 315-464. Class 3A Division II will be 220-314.
Class 4A Division I will be 686-1,059 and Class 4A Division II will range from 465 students to 685.
“That just puts us right in the middle of Class 3A Division I,” Dieterich said. “With our numbers, we're pretty solid around that midpoint.”
Other schools who will be entrenched in Class 3A Division I include Clyde (404), Early (342), Comanche (334), Bangs (326), Merkel (326)  and Jim Ned (319).


Schools like Ballinger (302), Eastland  (288), Cisco (268) and Coleman (268) will move to Class 3A Division II. Abilene High and Abilene Cooper will be split between Class 6A and Class 5A. Abilene High turned in an enrollment of 2,107 and Cooper's enrollment was 2,044.
Class 6A will have a minimum of 220 schools and a maximum of 245 schools participating in football.
There will be six Classes in the following activities: Cross Country, Football, Basketball and Spring Meet (Academics [including One-Act Play], Golf, Tennis and Track and Field).
There will be five Classes in the following activities: Music, Volleyball, Baseball and Softball.
The UIL rules also state that any school may request to be elevated one conference. That movement will hinge on notification submitted to the League office simultaneously with enrollment figures.
The biannual UIL Realignment will be released Monday, Feb. 3. The highly-anticipated announcement will decide which schools Breckenridge will compete with academically and athletically for the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 seasons.