As water levels at Hubbard Creek Lake continue to plummet, the city of Breckenridge's long-term plan to utilize Lake Daniel is becoming more of a reality.
At the Jan. 6 regular meeting, the Breckenridge City Commission gave the go-ahead to Enprotec-Hibbs (E-HT)and Todd for engineering work orders to put a floating pump station at Lake Daniel.
Currently, the city of Breckenridge's water pumps at Lake Daniel are at the bottom of the water body.
At that level, the water quality is severely low, according to a survey conducted by E-HT.
E-HT engineer Sage Diller recommended that Breckenridge look at installing a floating pump station in order to utilize the higher water quality at the upper level of Lake Daniel.
Right now, the city of Breckenridge's water is solely coming from Hubbard Creek Lake. As of Tuesday morning, Hubbard Creek Lake was at 24.1 percent capacity.
With the help of a $2.38 million loan from the Texas Water Development Board, plans have been put in action to start the engineering work orders for the projects.
Also in the plans are to update the city's water treatment plant. The Water treatment SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) is severely outdate and in need of repair. Included in the plans are to install new rotors at the wastewater treatment plant.
Fire Flow capabilities will be analyzed and evaluated for a proposed commercial development located at the northwest corner of Hwy 180 and CR 3099.


E-HT will conduct the analysis, which will be funded by the Breckenridge Economic Development Corporation.