A Monday afternoon blaze claimed two homes on CR 197, just off FM 2231 on Tanglewood Island, near Hubbard Creek Lake. The fire started when a trailer home was burning.
Remnants of the trailer home fire then drifted on to another property, where it went to the Doris Kirkland residence.
From there, the fire began to drift onto two other houses in the area, including a log cabin.
“It was a major event for us,” said assistant fire chief Calvin Chaney.  “We used about 6,000 gallons of water to fight the fire. We were finally able to get it under control.”
Two of the houses were total losses, while the log cabin suffered minor fire damage.
The Breckenridge Fire Department responded  with four trucks to the scene along with Breckenridge Fire Department volunteers, Hubbard Creek Volunteer Fire Department and the Wayland Volunteer Fire Department.