It is generally accepted that marriage, the nuclear family, employer and employee, and personal relationships are deteriorating in America.
Because of this breakdown of the ability to function well as an .organized society, the Elliott Street Church of Christ is offering, as a free community service, an opportunity to hear Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Jones, internationally known relationship counselors.
This seminar will be at 7 p.m nightly at the Elliott Street Church of Christ building at 1701 W. Elliott.
This is a community service with the hope of strengthening our city and its environs. Our intent is not to discuss “doctrine,” but to provide a free series of lessons to help make our community better.
Such a series of lessons would be very costly to attend in most places. We simply want to work together with our city to try to help make a healthier environment in which to live and rear our families.
This dynamic teaching couple brings unique experiences and exceptional qualifications to this seminar.
Jerry's education includes two master's degrees and a doctorate. His 40-plus year teaching ministry has taken him to 43 states and six foreign countries and includes 17 years of teaching at Harding University in Searcy, Ark.
Lynn's education and experience includes a master's degree in clinical psychology, clinical practice and seven years of University-level teaching. The couple married in 1995, the second marriage for each.


Jerry's 35-year marriage ended in 1994 with the loss of his wife after a five-year battle with cancer. Lynn's 12-year marriage ended in divorce in 1993.
Both Jerry and Lynn will openly share their insight and experience in this series of vibrant and sometimes humorous sessions designed to benefit any individual or relationship.
Jerry and Lynn will help you:
• Understand and address the core issues in personalities and relationships.
• Learn the skills necessary for communication and conflict resolution.
• Recognize and target the origins of depression.
• Resolve anger.
• Develop insights in how to really get along with others, forgive yourself and forgive others.
Jerry and Lynn both believe that good human relationships are vital to having a vibrant and peaceful society in which to live.
What happens in human relationships reflects on children, schools, communities, churches, businesses and nations. In this series of lessons they will encourage you to develop tools necessary to preserve the integrity and unity of an organized peaceful society including one's own home.
The challenge to all will be to renew your commitment to being the best you can be, refocus your efforts, and rekindle your desire to have a society like God wants humans to have.