The Stephens County Sheriff's Posse
The Stephens County Sheriff's Posse is looking to reform.
Former members of the original Sheriff's Posse are invited to help with the chartering of the new organization.
The original Posse had a long history of providing rodeo events, crowning rodeo queens and entertaining the community. However, it has since become defunct.
Members of the Sheriff's Posse will provide vital services during times of distress in the community.
Whether it's a search and rescue mission along rivers or across ranches, warning residents of an impending fire or other activities, Sheriff's Posse members play an important role in the safety of the community.
The group plans to help rebuild the county rodeo arena and will have events such as rodeos, team sortings, ropings, barrel racing events and other activities.
The reformation of the Sheriff's Posse will have five membership levels:
• Charter Members will be recognized as a founding member of the Sheriff's Posse.
• Riding Member will be trained in search procedure and must provide their own horses to participate.
• Licensed Peace Officer members will be recruited to perform law enforcement procedures while riding.
• Supporters are businesses or individuals who support the organization's service to the community financially.
• Youth Posse members are under the age of 18 and participate in age-appropriate activities.


For more information on the Stephens County Sheriff's Posse, contact Sheriff's deputy James Elliott at 254-559-2481.

Sheriff's Office starting up auxiliary
A Sheriff's Auxiliary Volunteer (S.A.V.) is a person providing supplementary or additional help and support to the Stephens County Sheriff's Department.
They are unpaid and are not police officers or deputies. As a member of the S.A.V. program, you would:
• Provide assistance at local special events such as National Night Out, Frontier Days, etc.
• Assist in natural disasters such as floods, wild fires, tornados, etc.
• Help educate the public about Stephens County Sheriff's Departments operations and alternate programs
• Provide the sheriff's department with public views and perspectives regarding policies, laws and current events.
Members will assist the department in understanding the needs of the public and can be helpful in making decisions regarding department policies and procedures.
The requirements of becoming a member of the S.A.V. program are as follows:
• Must complete the Citizens Police Academy, which is provided by the sheriff's department bi-annually,
• Attend continuing education with the department,
• Must be willing to donate time to help provide assistance to your fellow citizens as well as the sheriff's department.
The Stephens County Sheriff's Department is excited about this partnership with the citizens of Stephens County and we look forward to working together to improve the community for all residents.
If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact the Stephens County Sheriff's Department at 254-559-2481.