Breckenridge Firefighters battle a house fire Wednesday at 310 W. Fifth.
Breckenridge Firefighters battle a house fire Wednesday at 310 W. Fifth. (Rob Durham)
The Breckenridge Fire Department got a little more than they bargained for when a vacant house fire almost turned ugly Wednesday evening.
A call came in to the BFD that a vacant house, located at 310 W. Fifth was on fire. When crews arrived, they found the house engulfed in flames. Even though the house was vacant, BFD crews turned their attention to keeping the neighboring structures intact.
As the flames began to take their toll on the vacant structure, BFD personnel went into defensive mode, spraying and foaming the surrounding houses, which suffered minor heat damage.
“I'm just thankful for the Breckenridge Fire Department for saving their house,” said Josh Cameron, speaking of the home at 312 W. Fifth belonging to Tina and James Toland. “We are very grateful for them. Those guys were awesome.”
Not only did the crew battle flames from the fire, high temperatures and gusty winds also came into play during the heavy firefighting, which lasted a little more than an hour.
One firefighter was treated for minor heat exhaustion by the Heart of Texas EMS Service during the blaze, but no other injuries were reported. No injuries were reported in the vacant house blaze, which remains under investigation.
Breckenridge Fire Department volunteers Brent Knight, Bobby Herrington and Shane Shockley were called in to help battle the fire.
The vacant house was on a list of houses to be demolished by city crews.