The Stephens County Commissioners appointed election judges and clerks for the upcoming November election at Monday's regular meeting.
The group approved Stephens County Tax Assessor-Collector Christie Latham as early voting election judge and Mary O'Dell was named alternate judge. Maria Duran was named bilingual clerk for early voting.
Other precincts are as follows:
• Precinct No. 1 - Ann Guy, election Judge; Sherry Nelson, alternate judge, Maria Duran, bilingual clerk;
• Precinct No. 2 - Mary Griffin, election judge; Mandy Whitley, alternate judge;Olga Benitez, bilingual clerk;
• Precinct No. 3 - Jean Hayworth, election judge; Doris Kendrick, alternate judge; Diana Huapilla, bilingual clerk;
• Precinct No. 4 - William Calvert, election judge; G.E. “Buddy” Brandenberger; Dovie Olaves, bilingual clerk;
• Precinct No. 5 - Cassandra Love, election judge; Pat Knight, alternate judge; Grace Mehaffey, bilingual clerk.