Livestock entries to the State Fair of Texas, held in Dallas, and the West Texas Fair, held in Abilene, can be made from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday at the Stephens County Extension Office, located on the second floor of the Stephens County Courthouse.
Deadlines for these events, through 4-H, are Wednesday, Aug. 6.
No late entries will be accepted. Please make your entries early.
Books for the West Texas Fair are available for view online at
Entry forms can also be printed from the website or picked up at the Extension office.
The State Fair can be viewed online at
Entry forms for the Creative Arts portion of the West Texas Fair are also available.
Please contact Christian Curtin for entry deadlines and information regarding this portion of the Fair by calling 254-559-2313.
Stephens County 4-H and Breckenridge FFA Members planning on exhibiting a lamb or goat project at any of the Major Livestock Shows in 2015 need to notify Leslie Neve as soon as possible at 254-559-2313
All major livestock shows require all 4-H and FFA lambs and goats to be validated in the Texas 4-H and FFA Lamb and Goat Validation Program and identified appropriately with an official Texas Lamb or Goat Tag, nose print (lambs only), hair sample (DNA) and tattoo.
Please turn in the number of tags you would like ordered and the $12 fee to the Extension Office by Friday, Aug. 22. Late entries will cost $25 per tag.


Validation for Stephens County show and state validation will also be held in October at the Stephens County Agriculture Building.
State validation tags will be used at the county show.
Those animals validated for the State Fair must be re-validated.