Breckenridge ISD's Board of Trustees took its final steps toward adopting a budget for the 2014-2015 school year at their regular meeting at the Breckenridge ISD Administration Building.
Following a short budget workshop, the board unanimously approved a recommendation of a proposed $13,351,499 budget.
Board member Randy Boaz was out of town on business and was not present at the meeting.
However, the previous budget proposal item presented at the Aug. 4 budget workshop showed a five percent raise for all BISD administrators.
However, when the budget was finalized on Aug. 11, that five percent raise was not given to each administrator.
In the proposed budget, BISD had four new administrative salaries presented by superintendent Jennings Teel.
At an earlier meeting, it was discussed that a five percent raise was possible for administrators.
However, the go-ahead for the five percent raise was never formally approved by the BISD board.
“Each professional employee got their step raise,” BISD Interim Superintendent J.D. Cox said. “I did not recommend a five percent raise for administrators across the board because it would have caused a deficit budget. In all my years as an educator, I would never recommend a deficit budget.”
Cox said salary jumps should be district-wide.
“As a school district, I think we need to be cognitive of the real issues when it comes to salaries,” he said.


“If we can't do it for all of our employees, then we shouldn't do it for any.”
As the Interim Superintendent, Cox said he would make a suggestion for the incoming superintendent on the salary issue. However, he said, overall, Breckenridge ISD was a sound district.
“When things get down the road, I recommend a complete look at BISD's salary schedule. I think that would be fair to do in order to get salaries lined up how they're supposed to,” he said. “Overall, Breckenridge has a great board and a great school district. I'm glad to be here and I'm ready to get this thing started.”
Breckenridge ISD will hold a public meeting on the budget and tax rate at 6 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 27, at the Breckenridge ISD Administration Building.
In other business, the board accepted the resignations of Special Education teacher Belinda Duett, BHS Art teacher Kenneth Martin and South Elementary part-time Title I teacher Virginia Weaver.
The board approved the hiring of Linda Sims for Weaver's position. Sims recently retired from BISD as the BISD Curriculum Director. Her retirement is effective Aug. 31.
New BISD Curriculum Director Molly Johnson was approved as a submitter for the Texas Education Agency Secure Environment and TEA Login.