Stephens County Commissioners are aware of the lack of rain in the county, as they reinstated the burn ban at their regular meeting Monday. Also, the group is aware that when there is no rain, dust becomes a problem.
Commissioners took their first step toward alleviating that problem after hearing a report from J.D. Nolen on the use of Road Genesis, a product used by many counties and oil companies to help halt dust problems.
According to Nolen, Road Genesis provides both soil stabilization and dust control to help build a structurally sound road suitable for a steady flow of heavy traffic.
Nolen reported to the Commissioners that the solution could be used topically or mixed in with road materials to help with road stabilization and dust control.
County Commissioner Joe High offered the comic relief of the meeting. When asked by Nolen if the county had any type of regular program to help alleviate the dust problems on county roads and right-of-ways.
“Only when it rains,” High said, as the room broke into a round of laughter.
Nolen assured Commissioners the product was a sturdy investment and he would come and help apply Road Genesis to show them its advantages.
Will Warren, who also was on had to represent the Road Genesis product, said he applied the product to an area in the county to prevent an ongoing dust problem and it has performed beyond its capabilities.
The group did not take any action on the proposal other than looking at using the product county-wide on an as needed basis.