The Christmas season is in full swing. Parents are rushing to find that last-minute gift for their children. Relatives are preparing to make trips to spend time with family members.
It's the season of giving.
However, in all of this hustle and bustle, one might find it hard to find the true meaning of Christmas.
I'm not talking all of the politically-correct debacle over saying “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays.” To me, that's just crazy.
I'm not talking about Christmas in biblical terms. A person can quote the Christmas story from verses in the Bible every day and that doesn't impress me. What impresses me is that if that person lives what they talk about.
It's called “walking the walk” and not “talking the talk.”
We can preach good will towards our fellow man all day. But, if you don't live it every day, then there's no need to try and push it on me.
Putting the “Christ” in Christmas is more than just typing the word from a keyboard. It's something that needs to be visual. Not “on the surface” visual but “from the heart” visual.
To me, Christmas is an experience where you celebrate the birth of Christ. You understand what it means for Christ to be born.
And, most importantly, you follow the path that he laid out for us in his lifetime.
I think that is what's wrong with Breckenridge as a whole.


We spend so much time preaching to others how we must live and how we need to follow Christ when we should be spending more time showing. Prove to me that you are Christ-like and that I can look you in the eye and believe in you and not be let down.
Being in Breckenridge my whole life, I have spent the majority of it trying to  be positive for our city and our citizens because I love where I live. But, I have also spent a lot of that time being let down and put down.
People claim to be “Christ-like” and want what's best for Breckenridge. But, when it comes down to putting the pencil to paper, they disappear.
Our former town leaders like Lester Clark, Jim Rominger, O.H. Reaugh and John Ed Conner and W.G. “Bill” Arnot are no longer with us. They laid the foundation for our city. They did whatever it took to make Breckenridge function, whether it was monetary or with their blood, sweat and tears.
However, those times have changed. No one wants to step up and show what it is to be “Christ-like.” No one wants to show the true meaning of Christmas.
Are you going to show good will toward your fellow man regardless of the size of his pocketbook? Are you going to look and man in the eye and say “let's do this...together?”
Or will it be on the surface? Show it. Prove it. And, maybe Breckenridge can celebrate Christmas ...together.