It's a new year. A new beginning for some. A continuation for others. But, definitely, something you can't predict.
However, let's decide to be pro-active instead of reactive. I'm all for doing big things but I'm gonna decide to eat this elephant one bite at a time.
We have some really big activities coming up on “Buckaroo Hill” to start off the year.
First, we have district basketball. Our Breckenridge Buckaroo boys are ranked and undefeated and are looking for another district title.
But, the surprise is the Lady Buckaroos, who are fighting for a share of the top district spots and look to have a playoff berth in their crosshairs.
While all of that is taking place, you have the Stephens County Junior Livestock Show.
Many youths have been working with their animals and this is their time to shine in the show ring. I'm sure they would definitely appreciate the applause.
Breckenridge girls youth basketball will be starting on Saturdays, so there's another opportunity to get out and see some future Lady Broncos and Lady Buckaroos in action.
And, to top off early 2014 activities, the annual BHS Coronation.
The crowning of the Buckaroo Queen by the Great Lord Chamberlain is the highest tradition in all of BISD.
It's only fitting that the community get out and support this annual event.
In a nutshell, I'm encouraging and challenging Breckenridge residents to get out and support our kids in all activities, whether they involve the classroom or the athletic field.


It's easy for someone to find a reason not to attend something. But, let our children know the community is behind them and I will show you a group of kids that supports the community right back.
It's easy to blame a coach or a teacher when a kid is not successful. We've all been there.
But, it's up to us, as parents, to make sure that success is upheld when things are going in a positive direction. I know the kids appreciate it.
And our community will too, knowing that we helped breed a generation that is proud of where they come from.