I love Breckenridge. I love this town and everything that is Breckenridge.
But we're an impatient bunch.
When Breckenridge ISD Athletic Director/Head Football Coach Steve Freeman handed in his resignation Monday to the Breckenridge ISD Board of Trustees, I was crushed.
Yes, I was a Freeman supporter but, I knew that when the news hit of his resignation around the coaching world, the people of Breckenridge will once again be branded.
Breckenridge High School Principal Bryan Dieterich said it best Monday night.
“There's a little rumor out there in the coaching world that you don't want to come to Breckenridge,” he said. “We've got that reputation of not keeping coaches for a very long time and we were hoping to get rid of that.”
And, so was I.
Historically, Breckenridge hasn't been patient since the early days of Buckaroo Stadium.
In BISD's football history, the longest tenured coach has been 10 years.
Eck Curtis coached in Breckenridge for a decade—back in 1935. Before him, the legendary P.E. Shotwell coached for eight years.
In a nutshell, the Depression Era was the last time Breckenridge saw a coach register a term of any length.
History shows that Breckenridge averages a new football coach almost as often as the Olympic Games roll around.
When Freeman came to Breckenridge the Buckaroos were coming off back-to-back 1-9 seasons and a 3-7 campaign before that.
There was talk of getting a coach in place and establishing a program.


There was the need of getting a coach to come to Breckenridge with thoughts of staying for a number of years.
“I was asked to come to Breckenridge to be part of the solution that would redirect a struggling athletic program,” Freeman said. “Transitioning this athletic program has been a challenging mission and, as explained from my first day, progress would probably not be silent.”
My wish is for our community to embrace a coach/coaches who will bring families and ideas to our community and help it grow while also showing a little stability.
We've got to grow out of the stone ages. Those ghosts on that downtown mural aren't coming back any time soon and we need to move past that.
I'm not saying we should forget it. We should use that as a foundation and progress from that.
Forget the money factor. Forget trying to speculate on what a person's salary should be. Heck, there's people who thinks everyone's salary is too much to a certain extent.
Think of the future of the person who will come to our community and be handed the keys to providing a foundation for our athletic program.
Whoever the new Athletic Director/Head Football Coach will be certain they will inherit a program that was built on responsibility, accountability, hard work and just a little old-fashioned grit.
And, let's also show him that he also inherits a community that is willing to be patient when it comes to shaping the future of our program.