Growing up as children, we all had people we idolized. We wanted to be just like that pro athlete or movie star.
As life goes on, those idols turn into role models. We have people who we want to walk in their footsteps because they showed us how life was supposed to be.
Recently, I had two role models in my senior English teacher Weldon Edwards and my uncle, former Stephens County Sheriff Louie Hall, pass away. I was heartbroken.
On the flip side of that, we have role models who are living but the feeling is still the same when that person moves on for greener pastures.
The person I am talking about is Bill Smith.
Smith, who also moonlights as the Minister of Music Education for First Baptist Church-Breckenridge, was one of those guys who moved to Breckenridge and jumped chest-high into the community.
If it wasn't doing a stint for the youth at camps, it was promoting or organizing a community event, whether it be leading an interdenominational group of singers, or making sure someone can be heard loud and clear through musical equipment.
Through all of this, Smith never let himself lose sight of his true calling.
I had left Breckenridge for a few years to live in another community. Even though it wasn't far away, my family still called Breckenridge home.
But, Smith never let me stray far away himself.


He always had that little tug of keeping me participating in community items and always kept me abreast of where I needed to be on the straight and narrow — not by words, but by actions.
In a nutshell, my Christian walk and ways are because of Smith.
There was a time in my life where things didn't go the way I thought they should. It was Smith who put me back where I needed to be.
When things weren't going my way sometimes, Smith seemingly appeared out of nowhere and gave me that lift to guide me down the straight-and-narrow.
In the coming days, Smith, and wife Jan, are going to be moving away from Breckenridge to continue their walk in their Christian lives.
When they land in the northern part of the United States, it will be a change, but I can assure you, it won't be long before Smith captures followers. He's just like that, and for that, he will be missed.
Mark 16:15 (ESV) said “And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.”
Well, Smith's time in Breckenridge is done. Christ has sent him to another place. And  he definitely will take a piece of Breckenridge with him.