Anytime a particular board or entity deals with taxpayer dollars, they are subject to take their lumps.
The Breckenridge ISD school board has had their share of bumps and bruises over the past few months.
Some of those mild lesions turned into open wounds and people fell by the wayside because of personal blinders.
In a nutshell, it looked like a train wreck headed down the wrong path. People in the community were quick to jump on the negative side and cut them off at the knees.
Yeah, there were some decisions I didn't agree with. But I actively vote and pay taxes regularly. I felt like I had a reason to gripe.
Sometimes, things are done and I may not always agree with the result. But, that particular candidate is doing what they feel is right for their constituents, and I respect that. If it's something I can live with, then we move on.
Wednesday night, at a special-called budget workshop, I witnessed a transformation right before my eyes. Lots of hot-button topics were presented to the board involving athletics, teachers, salaries and facility upgrades.
When all of this was presented, it had the makings of a huge fire that was only going to be doused with gasoline. Then, it happened. Everything that was brought forth was well-discussed and hashed out.
Each board member thoroughly discussed every item and you could tell the future of our district and our children was the first thought at hand.


For once, I felt personal agendas were left at the door and the Breckenridge ISD board actually came together.
The dialogue going on between BISD superintendent Jennings Teel and the board was extremely positive and that made me feel good as a parent and a taxpayer. I actually think the light bulb came on and the board gelled to work together as a team.
The board went above and beyond to reward the BISD administrators for their work in maintaining budgets in a money-crunch situation. The dialogue between members was mind-blowing.
I could tell each member was willing to communicate with one another on certain decisions.
Also, if something was disagreed upon, there were no battle lines drawn in the sand.
So, to the Breckenridge ISD Board of Trustees — I applaud you.
Thank you for taking the time to look at what BISD is facing down the road. Thank you for taking our students and our teachers into consideration for upgrades.
One word of warning — once everyone knows BISD can function as a team, that's what we will always expect.