Vicki Howard of Breckenridge contracted a mosquito bite in 2013 that turned into West Nile Virus, after a diagnosis from her doctor.
To this day, Howard is still fighting for her life, due to complications from having the virus.
The other night, I was outside and slapped my arm after feeling a mild sting. It was a mosquito. Immediately, I began to think about Howard.
We, as citizens of the community, need to do our part in making sure that breeding grounds for mosquitoes are not created within our city.
The city of Breckenridge could also be proactive in starting their mosquito eradication program.
Let's not wait until we have a case of West Nile Virus within our county to start the program. Let's stop the problem before it gets out of the gates.
Sporadic rains in our community create standing puddles that heighten the mosquito population.
Be sure and take the proper precautions to combat mosquitoes and use DEET-powered insect repellent when we are outside.
Let's work together and make sure that citizens of our community remain safe.
As our thoughts remain with Howard and her family, let's continue to pray for her recovery.