Juniors Cayli and Carri Yarbrough were defeated in the opening round of the Class 2A state tennis tournament in College Station, Monday.
The two faced Brianna Hunt and Calli Mantooth of Godley and were defeated in three sets 3-6, 7-5, 2-6.
The Yarbroughs had a 2-1 advantage in the third set but were defeated after losing four straight games.
“There were three critical points in three different games in which the girls needed one point to win those games,” said coach Rob Ogle. “However, we didn’t get the points,  and it was the difference between being up 4-3 and down 5-2 in the set.
“Also the 10 minute mandatory break between the end of the second set and the beginning of the third set was critical,” said Ogle. “We had the momentum at the conclusion of the second set and the break allowed the Godley pair to regroup. Momentum is so important! Once you have it, it’s very vital to keep it. Those things were the difference in losing and moving on to the Semifinals.”