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City considering COVID-19 vaccine incentives for employees

During last Tuesday’s City Commissioners meeting, City Manager Erika McComis discussed possible personal leave incentives for city of Breckenridge employees who receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

McComis said the topic was brought up during a recent city manager luncheon.

“We kind of talked about what other cities were doing for this. There was anywhere between giving employees one day off to a week off. The city that did a week, their employees aren’t allowed to take vacation for almost two years, so for them to have that incentive, it was a really good incentive,” McComis said. “The one that had three days also allowed, if you had the vaccine and you got COVID, the city would give you time off for two weeks while you had COVID. That was also an incentive so you didn’t have to use your own benefit leave, if you got COVID (and) that’s only if you provided proof of vaccination.”

The city manager said she knew of private entities which were offering monetary incentives to employees who received the COVID-19 vaccine, but said cities were typically doing personal leave incentives. Mayor Bob Sims said he was open to further discussion on the topic.

“I just wish everybody would get the shots. That’s up to the individual person. There’s been so many deaths, not necessarily here, but everywhere, and you just read about it everyday,” Sims said. “This will be something we need to discuss, for sure.”

McComis said she would draft a policy for the commission to review and discuss at their next meeting.

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