SCSO confirms four additional COVID-19 cases among inmates

The Stephens County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed four additional positive cases of the COVID-19 virus, according to a press release from the SCSO.

The Sheriff’s Office was notified that four of the five inmates, who were housed with the inmate tested positive for the COVID-19 virus on Monday, August 3.

The SCSO is unsure of which inmate had the virus first as the original inmate, first known to possess the virus, was tested a second time on Friday, July 31. The second test also came back positive on Monday, August 3.

Inmates who have the COVID-19 virus, or are known to have been exposed, have their temperature taken at least twice a day in the Stephens County Jail.

The pod-mates whose positive tests were received on Monday, August 3 will remain housed together. This is the advice of local medical advisors, our jail doctor, and the TCJS, according to the SCSO.

One of the pod-mates, who tested positive, has since been released on bail from the Stephens County Law Enforcement Center. The individual was instructed to quarantine at his house for at least 14 days.

The SCSO advised this individual to get tested again on his own and to seek medical aid and guidance from his doctors upon his release.

This individual lives in Breckenridge.

All inmates in the jail have been supplied extra hand soap and are encouraged to wash their hands regularly with the soap along with warm or hot water. Additionally, medical doctors have advised that the hand sanitizer should be at least 60% alcohol.

The detention officer who was notified of his positive test on Tuesday, July 14, has not been back to work since then as his last shift was Thursday, July 9.

All of the tests conducted utilized the nasal swab, which tests for the actual virus, not the anti-bodies test. TCJS requires a daily report from the SCSO while the detention officer or inmate has the COVID-19 virus.

The Breckenridge American will continue to monitor the situation.

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