• Stephens County sees spike of COVID-19 cases; releases demographic of total cases
    A plan of the restrictions level that Stephens County will follow. Currently, the county is on level 3 of restrictions which includes social distancing, a recommendation of wearing masks, proper hand hygiene, limited unnecessary traveling, and staying hom

Stephens County sees spike of COVID-19 cases; releases demographic of total cases

Stephens Memorial Hospital officials confirmed seven new positive/ active cases of the COVID-19 virus within the community. While eight cases of the virus have recovered, as of Monday, July 13, the total number of positive cases has moved to 15.

Demographics for the 13 positive cases reported were released by County officials on Friday, July 10. The majority (8) of cases have been identified as individuals from ages 20-40. Only one individual is between the ages of 40 and 50. Four individuals ranging from 50 to 70 years of age, with three individuals being over the age of 70. Of the 13 positive cases, eight individuals have been identified as females within the community.

“We sat down with our public health authority,” County Judge Michael Roach said. “That includes Dr. Prater, Perry, and Windsor and we’ve collaborated with them and sought their advice. I’m always in contact with Christy Begeman and Ashley Woodrum to maps out our way forward with our COVID-19 plan. The changes in restriction would come from public health information. We are currently at level three and what would take us to level four is if we see a local curve. The state defines that as a 12 percent or greater growth over five days. What will get us to level five, which is mandatory restrictions is going over the regional hospital capacity.”

The county was at five total cases during much of June. As the month progressed, cases begin to increase and cases are expected to increases more as individuals congregated during Independence Day weekend.

Stephens Memorial Hospitals Director of Business Development, Chris Curtis provided the Facebook community with an explanation of the numbers the hospital receives for active cases and information on sending test results to SMH.

“We receive a daily report from the Texas Department of State Health Services listing all the positive cases reported for Stephens County,” Curtis said. “ We compare that to test performed locally to compile what we feel like is the most accurate information. For people who are tested outside of Stephens County, sometimes it does take some time for the information to filter down to us. The one thing citizens can do to help us is if you are tested outside of Stephens County and test positive, you can notify us by asking the testing facility to fax your results to the hospital at 254-522- 6181 or provide the information to your local physician.”

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