'Remember our Future' looks to focus on making sure children of Breckenridge get hot meals, supplies

“No child should ever go hungry because of circumstances beyond their control.”

Whitney Houston once said in her 1985 hit song, Greatest Love of All, she believes children are our future and if we teach them well they will lead the way.

Though, if a child is hungry, how can we expect them to live up to their full potential? This was a question asked and answered by local man Doug L. Beaty.

Beaty has created an organization to assist with hot meals for school-aged children. “Remember Our Future,” was the name chosen by Beaty. It began with the question, how can our children be our future, if they are having to wonder if they will eat?

“No child should ever go hungry because of circumstances beyond their control,” Beaty said. The organization will be the unification point between the school district and the children.  

Beaty has spoken with several local business owners, who have pledged almost enough money to secure hot lunches for all school-aged children for the 2018-2019 school year.

“We are in no way trying to enable parents that can afford the lunches to take advantage of this program, but unfortunately it will happen,” Beaty said.

The current goal is to provide these hot lunches. But with enough funding, Beaty hopes to also coordinate with the school administrators and teachers to assist with clothing and school supplies for children in need. Beaty is wanting to do this in a rather clandestine manner in regards to the children being chosen. If they are singled out there is a chance for that child to be bullied.

“A child not eating what others are is a prime example of a situational event out of the child’s control,” Beaty said. “Together we can take that situation off the table by providing them with a hot meal on the table as the other children have.”

The hopes of Beaty and other like-minded people in Breckenridge is to try and fix what is broken in our community. The idea centers around if the community can assist Beaty and other organizations with clothing, meals and school supplies then no child will go hungry or be bullied because of what they wear or have. It is a call for residents to be the change they want to see in Breckenridge.

For more information on this organization and how you can help, please contact Doug L. Beaty at 254-477-3421.


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