BA launches new website

The new Breckenridge American website launched on Monday not only sports a new look, but it also packs some powerful new enhancements. The site, which has been completely reworked, is still found at

 “In addition to offering our readers exciting new features on the site, we also worked to give the webpage a similar look and feel to our printed product which our readers are accustomed to seeing,” said Managing Editor Tony Pilkington.

“We wanted to bring the same hometown newspaper experience of our readers online they get when they read our printed paper."

Some of the new enhancements include a real-time weather widget, a scrolling slide show on the front page for easy navigation through the top news stories, and sectionalized front page similar to how the printed paper is laid out.

“One of the biggest enhancements to the site is the mobile experience,” Pilkington said. “You’ll see a 100 percent improvement on how the site looks and functions when you view it on your smart phone or tablet.”

There is also now a direct feed from the Breckenridge American Facebook and Twitter pages to the Breckenridge American homepage, which allows readers to the see the latest post and comments on those sites without having to scroll away from our webpage.

Additionally the site now has video and audio capabilities which the old website did not have.

There will also be a couple of changes at the Breckenridge American office. Effective immediately, the office will no longer accept cash payments for transactions. We will only accept credit cards and checks. Also the office will start closing at noon on Wednesdays.

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