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BISD approves budget, tax rate

Breckenridge ISD approved the fiscal year 2022 budget and tax rate during the scheduled public hearings last Wednesday, Aug. 25. The board voted to approve a larger budget and a lower tax rate, with no members of the public present.

The approved tax rate was lowered from last year’s rate of $1.05470 to $0.98970 per $100 valuation. The Truth in Taxation worksheets list the No-New-Revenue rate as $0.96337710 per $100 of valuation, with the Voter Approval rate as $0.98970 per $100 of valuation. While the tax rate is lowering for the district, the total taxable value of all property increased $53,548,083 from $487,850,012 to $541,398,095, based on values from the worksheets.

“... because the values have increased, our actual tax revenue is up just a tick. We estimate our M&O tax revenues to be ($4,828,277),” Bryan Allen, Superintendent of BISD, said. “... It’s kind of hard for our public to understand sometimes, is ‘if your tax rate is going down, why are my taxes going up?’ When I get those questions, I just try to explain there’s more than one variable in there. There’s the tax rate that’s a variable that can move up and down, there’s your values that can move up and down. And sometimes when they see the total tax bill, they also forget that there’s also a city tax rate that’s in there, a county tax rate that’s in there, a hospital district rate that’s in there, and then the school district rate that’s in there… As a school board we don’t have a lot of control over those other variables.”

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