The map highlights the areas that are affected by the boil water notices. Photo courtesy of the City of Breckenridge Convenience Station's Facebook page

Boil Water Notice effective 11/29

The City of Breckenridge issued two boil water notices effective Nov. 29. The first impacts the areas between North Parks and North Pecan, and from West Elm to the northern end of the system. The second notice will effect the south side of 1235 East Highway 180 to 1851 East Highway 180, Melrose, Newton and Lowell to Elliot, according to two releases from the city.

The notices are due to a water line break during construction and will be in effect for at least 48 hours, as required by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. The release states residents in the impacted areas should boil their water for two minutes in order to assure all bacteria be killed. This includes water for drinking, cooking and ice making.

Residents also have the option to purchase bottled water or water from another suitable source. Anyone with questions is asked to call the city offices at 254-559-8287 or the water office at 254-559-7249.

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