• From left, Stephens County Commissioners Rick Carr, Ed Russell, Judge Gary Fuller, Darlene Taylor with Deep South Fire Trucks Commissioner Will Warren and Breckenridge Fire Department Chief Calvin Chaney pose for a photo in front BFD’s  new tanker.

Breckenridge FD grant purchases $223,000 tanker truck

The Breckenridge Fire Department added to its fleet a new, $223,000 tanker truck, which pulled into town Monday morning following a 10-hour trip from Beaumont.

During Monday morning’s Stephens County Commissioners meeting, commissioners finalized a nearly four-year process that began with the application for a grant through the Texas Forest Service, which paid for 90 percent of the cost of the truck.

“Everyday we see people who need money from the forest service and without them they could not survive,” said Deep South Fire Truck Dealer Darlene Taylor, who directly oversaw the tanker’s 10-hour trek from Beaumont. “You’re talking about $200,000 on a firetruck that they get to help them. You get a nice truck for not a lot of money and without the forest service some cannot afford them.”

Following a few modifications, the newly purchased truck will immediately go into service. Fire Chief Calvin Chaney said the truck’s maneuverability will be a great benefit to Breckenridge and Stephens County.

“We’ve always heard ‘Y’all never bring the big, red trucks to us,’” Chaney said. “Those trucks don’t carry water. They’re not made to do that. This truck is made to do that. It can carry 2,000 gallons of water to any fire scene. 

“We tried to get a truck that would fit the amount of water we want to carry and also have a single axle to fit into our truck bay a little better and the maneuverability. If you can’t get around these small county roads, then it does not do any good to try and take the truck.”

Chaney said the tanker will allow the BFD to nearly double the amount of water it brings to each fire.

“We pumped with it this morning and it took nearly 12 minutes to empty 2,000 gallons of water through a 2 inch nozzle,” he said.

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