• Adam Reeve. Courtesy of the Stephens County Sheriff's Office
    Adam Reeve. Courtesy of the Stephens County Sheriff's Office

Breckenridge man sentenced to 30 years for habitual burglary

A Breckenridge man was convicted for repeat offenses regarding burglary over the last several months. He will serve 30 years in prison at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Prison, according to officials.

Adam Reeve, 39, confessed to the burglary of a home within the city of Breckenridge that occurred back in August of this year, according to a press release from the Stephens County Sheriff’s Office. On Aug. 13, the office responded to a burglary. One of the officers found shoe prints.

Reeve was arrested a little more than two weeks later due to probation violations for past theft against the local church. He had also had a history of burglarizing houses on the east side of the city. When he was in custody, the officers decided to compare his shoe sole to that of the one found at the crime, and found it to be a positive match.

The giveaway was upholstery tacks stuck onto the bottom of Reeve’s shoe, which had left a distinct mark at the burglary scene. He confessed after this and was sentenced to 30 years on Oct. 11. He was transported to prison on Nov. 12.

Sheriff Will Holt said in the release he was proud of his team at the Sheriff’s Office and stated he appreciated the speed in which the conviction was handed down.

In total, the amount of time between the crime being committed and the person being convicted and sent to jail took just less than three months.

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