Burn ban stays in place after week with 19 fires

The Stephens County Commissioners heard about another very busy weekend for firefighters when they met Monday, July 23.

Breckenridge Fire Chief Calvin Chaney reported a week with 19 fires. He said three firefighters work each shift, supplemented by six volunteers and himself, making it 10 in total.

The commissioners extended the county’s burn ban due to the fire report and the dry conditions reported across area counties.

Chaney also reported that the fire department got a new washer and dryer capable of washing the carcinogens their uniforms acquire while fighting fires. 

In the past, the fire department had to send their uniforms to Dallas, a move that involved a two-week turn-around. Now they can wash their own uniforms on site and have them ready to go for the next fire. Chaney did say they still have to send the uniforms off for repairs, which can not be done at the fire hall.

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