City of Breckenridge issues boil water notice

The City Breckenridge has issued a water boil notice in effect for at least the next 48 hours. According to City Manager Andy McCuistion, the city sent out a Code Red on Wednesday morning to notify residents in the city. 

He said the reason for the notice is because of turbidity, or the water being too cloudy. 

“When it gets to be that way, when you’re past a certain point, you’re required by TCEQ to issue a boil water notice and have it tested,” he said. “Once you feel like you have it clarified or cleared up and have tested, then you rescind the boil water notice. But right now, the water is too cloudy for us.” 

McCuistion said the problem with the water was caused when they were doing some construction work in the water treatment plant; they had to take the plant down to replace some parts that were corroded. He said when they took the plant back up, there was probably a lag with the chemicals treating the water and the stagnation of that water sitting overnight. 

He said a boil water notice is effective for minimum of 48 hours, but their hope is to have the boil water notice lifted by Friday. He said they will test the water on Thursday morning and send it to the lab for testing and hope to have the results by Thursday afternoon in time to lift the boil water notice by Friday. 

“We don’t want people to be caught over the weekend on boil water,” he said. “So, our hope is that the tests we run tomorrow are good. We filled up the water towers, so we don’t get caught without water.”


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