County adopts roads, avoids limited access to subdivisions

The Stephens County Commissioners Court faced the options either  adopting roads previously managed by West Central Texas Municipal Water District or potential limited access to neighborhoods near Hubbard Creek Lake.

The court unanimously approved taking responsibility of two roads near Hubbard Creek, Water District Road 274 and Water District Road 277. Chris Wingert, water district general manager, said would face the possibility of being shut down, which would limit access to the Holiday Hills, Breezy Point and North Cove subdivisions

“The district does have public liability over these (roads) and that does not serve our core functions,” Wingert said. “The roads do serve the county taxpayers, particularly  on Water District Road 214 in the Holiday Hills subdivision. There is direct access by the public to that thoroughfare.

“On Water District Road 277, it provides access to the Breezy Point subdivision and (further) on 274, that provides access to the North Cove subdivision.”

In exchange for adopting the roads, the water district agreed to pay the county $8,000 each year for annual maintenance and upkeep of the 5.25 miles of road, an agreement that would end after four years. Wingert said the water district’s governing board may have decided to close the roads had the county not approved their adoption.

“[Shutting down the roads] could certainly be a possibility,” Wingert said before the vote. “As sole owner, the district would have the right at any time to shut those roads down. Obviously, that would be a political challenge ... I can’t say whether that would or would not be a possibility at this time. That would be up to the board of directors.”

Along with approving the adoption of Water District Roads 214 and 277, commissioners also received a presentation from Albilita Communications Consultant Craig Sweet regarding replacement of the phone system currently used by the county. The commission did not take action following Sweet’s presentation and will decide whether to purchase the new system at a later date.

Commissioners also:

Approved a surety bond for Stephens County Deputy District Clerk Rhonda Peacock.

Discussed, but did not take action regarding lifting the burn ban.

Signed bills and correspondence 

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