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Evangelist Mark Shell will be at the Peoples Church

Evangelist Mark Shell will be at the Peoples Church at 10 a.m. Sunday, March 12. The following is a little about Mark Shell and his ministries.

Mark is a husband and father. His wife Dee and their two sons, Derek and Parker, are his greatest joy. He accepted the call of the Lord to full time ministry in 1990. Having attended Southeastern Bible College as well as off-campus training Mark began to travel and minister around the country. He is currently finishing his Doctorate of Ministry and Theology. Mark’s heart is for the Lord and to equip the saints for their ministry. His calling is to teach the Church to reveal the goodness of God to the world by revealing the Love of Jesus and not through the common messages of guilt and condemnation.

This ministry has been gifted with a unique outlook on the life of the believer due to the Scriptural insight he received from his time in prayer and study. The message of this ministry is the Gospel that Jesus preached. His revelation is neither from books, nor men and women of God from the past, but the revelation is fresh and unfiltered by the opinions of men. Mark teaches and preaches the Full Gospel message of Peace, Grace and Kingdom under an Apostolic anointing. Mark teaches and preaches this Gospel in crusades, conferences and seminars around the world. His heart is for the Body of Christ to be revealed to the world and believes it starts with the building up of the local church.

Mark’s heart is for the believer to rise into their calling and so he instructs them in faith righteousness through the inspiration of the Word. Signs and wonders follow this ministry and the church is edified to assume their position in the earth. This ministry most definitely ministers a NOW message. The message he brings will deliver the captive, heal the broken hearted and shock the religious minded. After 20 years of full time ministry and much study in the Word Mark has concluded, the church doesn’t have a devil problem rather it has a knowledge problem. Therefore his message will bring revelation knowledge and challenge the way we think not only about God but about ourselves as well as our purpose in the light of the finished work of Christ. If the ministry was to be explained in a few simple words it would have to be described as “mind changing”. That’s the goal of this ministry. Mark believes very simply Jesus came to cleanse the world with His blood sacrifice so that whoever accepted that substitution as their salvation is now the residence of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit on a daily basis helps us renew our minds to think like Christ. In essence, as we change our minds we change our lives. Mark Shell is being led by the Spirit to help the believer change the world, one thought at a time. For more information please visit www.msministries.com.

“Mark Shell has ministered at our church for several years now. I have always appreciated that he seems to have a sense for and is fully compliant to the needs of the congregation. His messages have been instrumental in bringing the Family Worship Center to another level. I believe Mark Shell to be one of the leading voices in the church today.”

Pastor Jerry Edmon
Family Worship Center - Elgin TX
“I have found that the Lord raises fresh voices when He moves us into new seasons of revelation. Mark Shell is one of those voices. He brings a fresh and much needed word to the Body of Christ about who we really are and what Jesus really bought, paid for and delivered into our hands. Mark’s message is challenging to religious mindsets but it’s strong Biblical foundation makes it irrefutable to those who have ears to hear.”

Pastor Stan Tyra
Revolution Church - Rogers, AR
“I have had the joy of being in fellowship with him for over ten years now, since first being introduced to his ministry in both song and delivering the Word of God. He comes to Living Faith on an annual basis, and the congregation is always blessed by his anointed preaching.

He has a special gift of ministering concerning the benefits of being filled with the Holy Spirit that is so effective with our people, and always results with several being filled with the Spirit in those altar services.

As pastor, I am very aware of the responsibility of knowing who I allow to stand behind the podium representing both God and the standards of Living Faith. I do not allow just “anyone” to fill that position, but I would never hesitate in any way to give the platform to Brother Mark.

He is very confident in his calling and in his walk with the Lord, yet humbled at the responsibility that comes along with that calling. His knowledge of the Word is very evident as he delivers the message to the people. I am honored not only to know him as a fellow minister, but as a friend.

Please feel free to call my office should you have any questions regarding this matter. May God bless you.”
“Mark Shell Ministries has been a tremendous blessing to New Season Church. Mark shines a light on the word of God thatquestions religion and tradition and solidifies the truth of scripture and its intent. He has challenged our body to be more like Christ in every area of our lives. Mark has made such an impact on our ministry, that we support Mark Shell Ministries monthly both financially and by prayer.”

Pastor Kelly Martin
New Season Church - Oklahoma City, OK
We have found that Mark has a wonderful gift of teaching. He is able to bring great clarity to difficult subjects. In addition, Mark’s musical talent and levity makes for an overall exciting experience. The Lord has used this ministry to touch many lives in our church.

Pastor Michael Calo
Shoreline Church - Old Saybrook, CT
Today’s church needs a fresh revelation of God’s Word to bring her out of its present attitude of escapism, sickness and disease, and lack.Mark Shell Ministries has the divine ability to bring the Church back to her Kingdom position in the Earth. When you hear him speak you will be overwhelmed at the revelation knowledge that will bring a refreshing to your heart as well as revitalize your entire Church Family. I can guarantee that everything Mark does is with excellence and we are very proud and honored to have this ministry to be an intricate part of our church ministry.

For more information please visit www.ms ministries.com

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