Ezell family releases statement regarding plane crash victims

The following is a statement released by the Ezell family regarding Tuesday's plane crash and updates the status of Nelson Ezell and his passenger Dustin Mayfield.

"We do not want to speak on the incident at this time as the investigations by the NTSB and the insurance companies have not been conducted to determine the actual cause. There was an apparent loss of power during the landing approach to the runway and that is currently all that is known. 

Dustin Mayfield, the passenger on board, has been released from the hospital with an arm injury. Nelson has been classified as critical stable by the medical staff and is still in the ICU. We can tell you that Mr. Ezell sustained numerous injuries and will require only surgery on his right arm and his left eye lid at this time. Today, he was cleared to start undergoing those surgeries, which is a positive sign. The plan is to complete the surgeries before removing the breathing tube and have him fully awoken by this weekend. We ask that flowers not be sent at this time, as they are not allowed at the ICU. We are thankful for all of the love and support and we welcome your prayers always."

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