• Gov. Greg Abbott. Courtesy of Greg Abbott's website.
    Gov. Greg Abbott. Courtesy of Greg Abbott's website.

Gov. Abbott pardons six people days before Christmas

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott kept with Christmas tradition last week and granted full pardons to six Texans who had been convicted of crimes deemed minor.

The six who were pardoned were:

  • Raymond Eldon Lindholm, 46, was sentenced in Morris County to five years probation and $2,000 fine for possession of marijuana in 1997.
  • Pamela Hawon Wren, 46, was sentenced in Denton County to 180 days of probation and $100 fine for theft over $200 and under $750 in 1999.
  • Ruth Anne Griffith, 22, was sentenced in Harrison County to 100 days in jail for assault causing bodily injury in 2014.
  • Reginald Charles DeCuire, 53, was sentenced in Jefferson County to five days in jail for theft in 1983.
  • Javier Rojas Jr., 39, was sentenced in El Paso County to six years probation and a $1,000 fine for possession of marijuana in 1997.
  • Joseph Clinton Blackwell, 39, was sentenced in Tarrant County to 15 days in jail for burglary of a vehicle in 1996.

The governor has the ability to pardon any crime, except for treason or impeachment. These pardons, however, are typically not granted to those who have committed violent crimes or felons. The process begins with the Board of Pardons and Paroles, who looks at each case under consideration. After they have made their recommendations, the decision is left up to the governor. 

The purpose of the board is stated to keep the community of Texas safe, while still offering help and potential to those who have been involved in minor incidences but are still kept from receiving certain rights due to the violation.

Last year, in 2017, the board approved almost 35 percent of those considered for parole.

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