• NewVision personnel are greeted by community leaders. In the foreground are Mike Parrack of Breckenridge InterBank, Stan Carstens of Carstens Motor Co., Andy McQuistion, City Manager and standing left to right, Steve Collins of Workforce Solutions,Bill Davidson, ProductionManager at NewVision, Stacy Davidson, office manager, Andy Nuert, Plant Manager for NewVision and Virgil Moore, executive director of the Breckenridge Economic Development Corporation. BA Photo by Jean Hayworth

NewVision Manufacturing to hold two-day hiring event

NewVision Manufacturing is hosting a two-day hiring event from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Sept. 11 and 12 at their new headquarters at 820 Industrial Loop. Over 100 applications have been submitted and 60 interviews set up with the plan being to hire 45 to 50 people immediately.

Mayor Bob Sims was on hand to greet the management and welcome them to Breckenridge officially. Virgil Moore, the executive director of the Breckenridge Economic Development Corporation, welcomed all the guests and introduced the main players.

First, Steve Collins, from Workforce Solutions, was on hand to explain the hiring process over the two-day event. He said they had gone through 109 applications and contacted 60 for interviews. Interviews would also be set for walk-ins over the two-day event.

Collins and Moore, along with New Vision management had worked over the past six months to make this a reality. Girders were going up inside the plant for the manufacture of three types of housing,  Plant Manager Andy Nuert said.

He added they planned to begin manufacturing of oil field modulars for workers and management, which is in high demand. Nuert said they can build them to specification and build them stronger than similar models elsewhere. The modular units have to be sturdy because they are moved around a lot by cranes and trucks to new wells.

At some point, NewVision will manufacture Tiny Houses, which are usually 400 sq. feet and range from 12x36 to 12x44. They also would manufacture HUD houses for disaster relief at some point in the manufacturing process.

"They want to manufacture affordable housing, which can also be purchased at a discounted rate by employees," Nuert said.

Displays of their homes are on exhibit in Abilene, which is the closest dealer. Nuert said they also would have models for the public to see out in front of the plant, at some point. 

"This plant has proven in the past that it can manufacture eight to 10 houses or structures a day and he sees no reason why they can't duplicate that number," Nuert said.

There will also be training for the new employees to help assist them with the learning curve that comes with the industry.

Nuert also said it is projected the plant will hire 200 to 225 employees as they get further into the production process in the next year or two. The starting pay is guaranteed at $13 per hour.

Bill Davidson, the experienced production manager was optimistic about bringing this opportunity to Breckenridge.

"This is a very friendly town.," Davidson said. "We look forward to working in this community for a long time."

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