Proposed sports booster project sparks discussion

The Breckenridge Independent School District Board of Trustees discussed the logistics behind applying a vinyl spirit banner to be wrapped around two recently purchased buses, raising concerns and questions from board members.

Breckenridge Mayor Jimmy McKay, who represented the sports booster club, donated the funds to purchase the vinyl. McKay presented to the board a design from Showtime Signs and Designs for the vinyl, as he described, containing bold volleyball scenes, drifting off into football and other sports, with ‘Breckenridge Buckaroos’ around the top.

Superintendent Tim Seymore warned the board of logistical issues they may face when deciding when and which extracurricular will be able to utilize the buses.

“It’s one of those things where I love the look and I love the idea, but logistically it’s got some complications,” Seymore said. “[…]I’m going to have to put together a plan, and say this is when we are going to use them and how, and we are going to follow that until there is a time we can’t.”

Seymore later added parents may become frustrated with the situation, giving an example of junior high parents.

“I’m going to say we’re using them for varsity because you have to earn your way up to that … I want us to understand those things are going to happen, and those are logistic things we’re going to have to figure out.”

Seymore also spoke on the design and its representation of all student activities.

“From both the legal and ethical responsibility standpoint, who is paying for it isn’t relevant. My job is to see that every kid is treated equitably,” he said. 

Board member Patrick Escalon later proposed other extracurriculars have their representation added to the buses, but Board President Jeff Dooley countered, saying if that were the case, then next step would be seeing if other boosters would be willing to contribute donations.

McKay responded to the board’s discussion by saying he and his wife are open-minded to the concept of a non-exclusive design, but he wasn’t sure the remaining boosters’ votes would agree.

“My understanding from the rest of them, because it’s all sports booster, they want to represent all sports, but as far as the cost and the design, it doesn’t matter if there’s just a ‘B’ on it, the cost is the same,” McKay said.

Board Secretary Carey Woodward said she would like seeing a mock-up of a more generic design.

“It sounds busy to me, but I don’t know because I haven’t seen it. In my mind, it’s a hot mess,” Woodward said.

McKay then passed around a mock-up of what the vinyl company designed, based on the sports booster’s original idea of the theme. The board seemed to lean more towards a generic design, and McKay agreed to pitch those ideas to the other members of the booster club at its next meeting.

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