Salute in the Salts to celebrate Independence Day

Editor’s note: Due to the holiday, the Breckenridge American published a day earlier than usual, which allowed us to remind you of upcoming July 4 events even though the newspaper’s official print date is after the holiday. 

Although Breckenridge Chamber of Commerce officials canceled this year’s Boomfest fireworks show to make room for the return of the air show, Canyon Road Barn and Grill decided to step up and put on a show of its own with Salute in the Salt Flats.

The show will begin around dusk Tuesday evening and Canyon Road Barn and Grill Owner Kent Thompson said the show will not end until every rocket on hand is spent.

“This is for the kids who are used to being entertained by Boomfest every year,” Thompson said. “… “When the lighting gets right, we’ll start firing until we are done.” 

Along with the fireworks show, Natalie Hayner, an Albany High School senior, will sing the national anthem and DJ Bobby Wild will provide music and other entertainment throughout the night. The event is free to the public and Guests are encouraged to  bring their own to bring food, water, flashlights and outdoor furniture. No alcoholic beverages of any kind are allowed during the event. Thompson said he will have the Cisco College Football team on hand to assist with the cleanup, but strongly advised those who attend to clean up after themselves. He said if a large mess is left behind, then there may not be a repeat of the show next year. 

With help from friends, family and the community, Thompson will be funding the event, but is also seeking assistance from area banks and private businesses. 

The event will be held in the salt flats near Canyon Road, on the corner of FM-576 West and FM-3418 South and should start sometime around 9 p.m. Parking will be available at the Canyon Road ranch house. 

For a map and detailed information about the event, visit the Canyon Road Barn & Grill Facebook page.

Celebrating at home

Breckenridge Fire Chief and Stephens County Fire Marshall Calvin Chaney said setting off fireworks of any kind is illegal inside Stephens County. 

If a resident choses to set off fireworks, he or she must be on his or her own property and shooting off fireworks in city and farm market roads is not allowed.

“You can be held liable for any damage you cause from fireworks,” Chaney said. 

Citizens can be written a citation with a fine of $137 for shooting inside city limits, as well as confiscation of materials. Chaney also instructed citizens to have water on hand and to immediately call 911 if a fire occurs. 

“We don’t want to be the bad guys, we are just trying to look out for everyone,” Breckenridge Fire Cap. Jeb Baxley said. 

“We want everyone to have fun and be safe.”

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