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Sheriff's Office makes drug bust, confiscating 3.5 grams of methamphetamine

The Stephens County Sheriff’s Office busted a methamphetamine drug deal at a motel in Breckenridge, according to a press release from their office. The bust resulted in the arrest of two individuals.

On Monday, Aug. 5, the sheriff’s department received a tip about a person, who has a history of drug and other criminal involvement, staying at a motel, according to the release. Sheriff Will Holt said he, along with Deputy Ryan Drake, conducted a “knock and talk” investigation, which allowed those at the scene to make contact with four people in the motel room. Deputy Bill Flournoy came onto the scene a little later, Holt said. 

The deputies and sheriff then conducted a drug investigation, and arrested Desiree Baladez, 35, and Kathryn Pittman, 44, according to the release. Pittman is also known as Kathryn Morris and Missy Pittman. Holt said the other two on the scene were let go at the time of the other arrests. Holt said this was because of the evidence available at the scene, which he said at the time was not enough to take in the other two. 

In a probable cause statement filed through the Justice of the Peace, Holt detailed how the investigation unfolded. In the statement, Holt states Baladez took responsibility for all drugs on the scene. Though, Holt added in a separate statement as more evidence and facts are discovered, there could be more drug delivery warrants. Pittman was taken in due to her other warrants. 

The bust resulted in the sheriff’s office confiscating 3.5 grams of methamphetamine, estimated to be worth about $350, Holt said. The release states there were several signs that those in question were selling drugs, as opposed to just having them in their possession. Some of those signs included digital scales, unused, small baggies, methamphetamine packaged in some of those baggies, and a larger stash of methamphetamine stored separately. 

In his probable cause statement, Holt states the amount of drugs on-scene were also a tipoff to selling as opposed to just using. Both suspects had other warrants out for their arrest, the release states. Baladez had a warrant for theft of property (equal or greater than $100, but less than $750), and Pittman had two warrants out of Jones County for traffic violations. 

Baladez is currently at the Stephens County jail with a $35,000 bond for the drug dealing charge and a $4,000 bond for her theft warrant, Holt stated in an email. Pittman was transferred to Jones County Jail, but her status is unknown at this time. Baladez was charged with manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance (penalty group one), greater than or equal to one gram, but less than four grams, which is a second degree felony offense. 

In describing how this drug bust will impact the drug market and trafficking in the area, Holt said it provides a big piece to a larger puzzle. He described the 3.5 grams as 35 “hits,” which are now off the street. 

“Sheriff Holt would like the public to know that this specific investigation is not over, and that other known and unknown suspects that are a part of this group of drug dealers will have charges filed at a later date,” the release states.

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